Food Finder

History of FoodFinder:

A news story that ran in 2013 is what started it all. This segment profiled two children who were living out of truck with their father. They were forced to live there because medical bills for the children’s late mother cost the family everything. One, a 12-year-old girl, and her brother, 10 years old, looked like normal kids. Even so, they had to get ready for school in the bathrooms of public libraries and gas stations. They didn’t always have food to eat every night. Even as the economy was improving after the Great Recession, the problems facing the least fortunate in America had not improved at all.

Jack Griffin, a Georgia high school student at the time, saw this news story and decided to do something about it. He wanted to help kids like the ones he saw on TV but around where he went to school and around where he lived. He initially searched online for places to volunteer at, but the results he found weren’t what he was expecting. His search ended up at a bunch of confusing websites, none of which gave him a clear answer as to how, when, or where he could help. This seemed entirely more complicated than it needed to be. Jack thought to himself, “What if I was a kid who actually needed the help that these shelters and pantries offer?” He then had a peculiar idea: Instead of volunteering somewhere, maybe I could help families in need by making it as easy as it should be to find food pantries, kitchens, and shelters. And that’s how FoodFinder was born.

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