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(pictured in front l-r) Culver, Pruett, Speirs, Kolkmeyer
(standing l-r) Matthews, Horne, Lovein, Guza
Teacher Email Phone Extension
Mary Ann Pruett  2347
  • Jennifer Horne   
Amy Culver  2344
  • Deirdre Matthews   
Jennifer Speirs  2343
  • Julie Lovein   
Holly Kolkmeyer  2345
  • Monica Guza   


GKIDS Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills

The Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (GKIDS) is a year-long, performance-based assessment. The goal of the assessment program is to provide teachers with information about the level of instructional support needed by individual students entering kindergarten and first grade. GKIDS will allow teachers to assess student performance during instruction, record student performance in an on-line database, and generate reports for instructional planning, progress reports, report cards, SST, and/or parent conferences. Throughout the year, teachers may assess students and record GKIDS data based on their system’s curriculum map or report card schedule. At the end of the year, summary reports and individual student reports will be generated based on the data the teacher has entered throughout the year.