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Buy a BRICK!

Personalize your  brick today!



4" x 8" Red Clay Brick



To view pay online using a credit / debit card  via Paypal, please visit:

We are getting a new amazing school built and want to offer you a special opportunity to be a part of it. Leave your legacy as a student, family, staff or community member by purchasing a brick     to celebrate our new school.  All the money raised will go to the St. Simons Elementary PTA. Become a permanent part of St. Simons Elementary and support your Alma Mater. Bricks will be featured in the new courtyard.


You can honor, memorialize, or celebrate:

  • Graduation year
  • Former and Current students
  • Administrations
  • Former and Current teachers
  • Friends
  • Board Members
  • Campus organizations
  • Engrave your business
  • Coaches
  • Parents/Grandparents


Bricks are $75 and each brick will be a   

4 x 8 red brick.