UPDATE: GCSS to Request Verification of Positive COVID-19 Test Results

In accordance with our local health department and COVID-19 reporting requirements, all schools will be asking families for verification of positive test results for students who have a positive COVID-19 test. 
The tests must be collected at a site that confirms results and provides reports to the DPH.
The local hospital and health department have combined their efforts in a drive-through site at the hospital. This free testing is available every day from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM.
To confirm positive test results, use one of the following providers:
  • Georgia Department of Health (Public Health Department)/ Southeast Georgia Health System (currently outsourced to Mako labs)
  • Urgent/ERgent Med locations;
  • AppleCare locations;
  • Coastal Community Healthcare;
  • Knowles Exams;
  • Golden Isles Family Healthcare
  • Oceanhorse Health and Wellness
  • CVS/Walgreens PCR testing*; or
  • Private physician
At-home antigen tests will not be accepted as proof of positive or negative test results. 
As this pandemic continues to evolve, we will update our school protocols accordingly and share that information with you through our One Call notification system, on our district website, on our social media pages, and through our media partners. Thank you for your patience and support.
* Results from these locations may not be used for negative results to return early from home-exposure quarantines.