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A Note from the School Nurse!!
I am thrilled to continue at Saint Simons Elementary. My goal is for everyone to have a healthy and safe school year!  Nurse Cody

An accurate telephone number that I can contact child’s parent when ill.

You must show your ID when you or designated person comes to pick up student.

If your student has ANY medications that they will need to take while at school, it must be brought to school nurse By ADULT in prescribed bottle, to be documented and consents signed.



2022-23 Too Sick for School Rules:

Your child should stay home if he/she has:(Rules apply to Covid illness)

Has a fever higher than 100 F during the night or in the morning:

Has experienced vomiting or diarrhea during the night or in the morning:

Has a persistent cough and/or large amounts of nasal discharge: (If he/she DOES NOT have a fever, your child may go to school with a mild cough, runny nose or other cold signs):

Has an unidentified rash or open draining skin sores:

Has eye irritation with drainage, or:

Has tiny live insects(LICE) in his/her hair. Check heads routinely to prevent spread!

Please bring Doctor’s note if seen for absence.

Let’s Have the Best Year Ever!!

 Lynn Cody, RN BS

Saint Simons Elementary School

(912) 638-2851 ext. 2312