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The Counseling Department of SSE

All students at St. Simons Elementary have access to a school counselor. The counselor functions as a resource for students on a short-term basis. Our school counselor is not able to provide long-term counseling services. Parents of students in need of long-term counseling should seek the assistance of an outside professional. The school counselor does NOT function as a disciplinarian – that role is reserved for the classroom teacher and the school’s leadership team. The school counselor instead provides a listening ear and shares strategies and exercises that may assist students in working through whatever issues they may be facing. The school counselor will keep confidential any information entrusted to them so long as no one’s life, health or safety is at risk. The counseling program is part of the regular school program. As such, parental consent is not necessary for students to visit with the counselor; however, parents will be promptly notified of any concerns. Students who express any thoughts or plans to self-harm or harm others will be brought to the school counselor, or in his/her absence, to the school principal immediately and the student’s parents will be called to the school. A clearance from a licensed physician or mental health provider may be required before the student returns to the school.