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History, Vision, Song

St. Simons Elementary, located in a unique coastal setting, has been a familiar landmark along the coast of Georgia for nearly 75 years. The red brick schoolhouse was built in 1944 during World War II. Opening in September of that year, the school has continually been a source of pride and accomplishment for the community.
The school derives its personality and uniqueness from many sources: its rich heritage and tradition; its unique beach location across the street from the Atlantic Ocean; its goals for social, emotional and academic excellence for all; its outstanding parent and community involvement with many hours of volunteer service; its challenging academic program and its vision of leaving a legacy.

Theme: St. Simons Elementary: A SEA of Learning

Social, Emotional, and Academic Excellence for All

Vision:  To leave a legacy as we live, learn, love, and laugh together.

Mission:  Joining hands to build a BRIGHTER future for our community.


School Pledge

The pledge is an affirmation of what we believe is true for each child at St. Simons Elementary. 

School Song

Our beloved school song was written by Lisa Salveter, music teacher at St. Simons from 1998 until 2002.  Our song is played on DNN during the entire month of August for students to learn and we also sing it during Friday assemblies.

I pledge today to do my best

in reading, math, and all the rest.

I promise to obey the rules

in my class and in my school.

I’ll respect myself and others, too.

I’ll expect the best in all I do.

I am here to learn all I can,

To try my best to be all I am.

St. Simons Elementary is the best school in the land.

Our teachers and our students know that it is grand.

We listen and we learn to do our very best

And that is why we’re proud to say

We’re better than the rest!

Our school is by the ocean, Super Dolphins we adore.

We study nature carefully; the beaches we explore.

We wear our colors proudly—the blue and the gold.

St. Simons Elementary—we sing it proud and bold!