School board hears St. Simons Elementary renovation update

A construction and renovation project at St. Simons Elementary has been set back several weeks due to a delayed flooring shipment.

The project is in its third phase, which includes the construction of a two-story building on campus. The next phase will be the construction of a new gym, kitchen and administrative space, as well as the demolition of several smaller buildings on campus.

The Glynn County Board of Education heard an update on the project during a work session Thursday and will vote at a meeting Tuesday on whether to approve a guaranteed maximum price of $11.1 million for the fourth phase of work.

The ESPLOST IV-funded project is being overseen by McKnight Construction and has five planned phases.

Ordered furniture is set to arrive in December, when the new building will be occupied.

“We want to get that building open for the new year so that we can move into the next phase,” said Mike Blackerby, executive director of operations for Glynn County Schools.

The new gymnasium will be significantly bigger than the current one. The original building on campus will not be torn down and will undergo renovation.

The board will also vote Tuesday on a new policy required by state law.

A “materials harmful to minors” policy will create a formal written complaint procedure for parents who take issue with sexual content in any kind of school curriculum material.

The policy must be in place by Jan. 1 and will sit on the table for one month before the board officially adopts it. The meeting will be at 6 p.m. and will be streamed on the school system’s Facebook and YouTube pages.