Glynn County ESSER III-American Rescue Plan: Public Input Opportunities

As we strive to continually improve student achievement, we are seeking feedback from parents, students, employees, and community members to assist in continually developing and updating our ESSER III-ARP plan, and specifically for determining the use of our ESSER III-ARP funds.

Districts must reserve at least 20% of their ESSER III funding to measure and address the impact of COVID-19 learning loss with evidence-based interventions. Those interventions must respond to students’ academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs.  GCSS's ESSER III-ARP plan includes 7 academic interventions to address instructional losses associated with COVID-19.           

To view Glynn County's current ESSER III-ARP Plan, click HERE (plan is also attached to this email).

Stakeholders wishing to participate in this process can email their comments directly to Leslie Scarboro, Federal Programs Director, at [email protected] or by completing the district’s survey, available HERE